Finally making some progress with my weight loss

After the past couple of weeks I decided to really focus hard on my weight loss. Things have been okay at home and I’m feeling a bit more upbeat so I thought now was the time to actually make some progress and work hard. And it’s starting to pay dividends, my diet is getting much better and I am losing more weight.

I tried the dietary supplement I bought and it does seem to be helping with reducing my food cravings. Whether it is just because that’s in my mind when I take it or not I’m not sure, but it does seem to be helping me. I suppose as long as it’s not doing me any harm, then at the moment if it’s helping me emotionally then that’s a good thing.

I’ve really been working hard on my food intake and instead of big meals at times I’m working on eating more handfuls of nuts, such as almonds, because they fill you up and they also don’t put on weight with you in the way you would think with something with a high fat content, because apparently a lot of it doesn’t get digested, so you feel full and a lot of the energy still passes through your system.

So I’m feeling really upbeat and positive at the moment. I have to say that writing this blog has helped. Although I’m not writing a great deal, what is helping is the fact that I know I am accountable to it in a way. If I am planning to write and I know it’s a bad thing I have to write, it spurs me on to do better. So in some way writing this blog is helping me to make progress and it is an outlet for my thoughts and feelings. I really do recommend it to anyone who is trying to do significant weight loss, it certainly makes you feel less alone.

I may have to take a break for a week or so now, because I’m taking my daughter away on holiday to Disneyland Paris and I want to make sure that we have a great time and although I’m going to watch my weight, I will be obviously not making progress and so it’s a case of treading water and not going backwards. When I get back I will update this blog and start to plan for making more progress.


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