Even my computer printer hates me today

It’s been another bad day for me today and my weight loss target is slipping. I been overeating again and it’s definitely comfort eating in relation to stress, it’s something of noticed over my life and it seems to be getting worse as I lose weight, I suppose it is because I’m fighting food cravings anyway and now stress makes things worse more quickly.

What happened was the computer printer just wouldn’t print properly. It just keeps giving an error message and just wouldn’t do anything. I could not understand what the error message meant and when I googled it it was a bit inconclusive. I couldn’t find any paper jam and the print cartridges all seem to be in place fine. I have read something online about the print head breaking and that needs to be replaced if that’s the case, and that is almost as expensive as a new printer.

So I wasted nearly 3 hours messing around doing all that, and I still haven’t managed to print what I want. Printers aren’t expensive, but obviously I don’t want to keep buying consumer products if I can possibly avoid it, because it’s such a waste and so bad for the environment.

In other news, the dietary supplement I ordered when I was panicked about the mobile phone attack has arrived. I’m not going to try it yet, I’m going to look up a bit more about it online. It says it can reduce food cravings and is a natural fat burner, I’m not sure what that all means and I intend find out a bit more. But it is sitting there looking at me.

I haven’t lost much weight in the past week, just a pound. So basically my progress is static at the moment. But then even I’m exercising my good diet has slipped a bit, and that obviously needs to change if I’m going to make progress, it’s being made obvious to me that my battleground is around food and not actually being motivated to exercise. It’s something I’m going to have to really fight hard with, as it’s not just about me wanting three, it’s about me wanting to comfort eat and overcoming a problem I’ve had if I’m honest the most of my life.


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