I had my mobile phone stolen today

I had a bit of a setback today which has really upset me and made me eat for comfort this evening. I decided to write about it because this blog is not meant to just be about my progress but also about if I have setbacks in what I’m trying to achieve with my weight loss program.

I was walking down the road near my house, it’s a big main road, but it has a lot of side roads going off it and they are quite quiet and once you are off the main road you can disappear quite quickly. I was walking along looking at my phone when suddenly it was gone. I had looked up and saw a man walking towards me with his hood up, but thought nothing of it because it looked like it’s going to rain, and all of a sudden he’s grabbed it and he’s run off, before I can really do anything he’s up a side street and gone.

I was shaken and upset. I went home call the police and they took a statement, but they said there was very little chance of anything happening. I then went and notified my phone provider and got the phone blocked so that is not an issue. All my information is backed up to my Google account online so I’m not worried about that as such, but it’s just so shocking that it happened in broad daylight in what is not a bad area of the town.

But anyway, it worried and upset me. So much that I went home and I ate. And I felt guilty about eating so I went online and bought some phen375, which is one of the dietary supplements I had been looking at. It claims to suppress hunger and I panicked and bought some.

I have no idea if I will actually use it when it arrives, I really want to increase my metabolism and get my weight loss going the natural way, but it shows the state I was in and the decision-making process I had in my head.

So I’m ending this day very shaken and writing this to try and get it off my chest, so that hopefully tomorrow I will feel a bit better.


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