My first weight loss and exercise progress report

Things have started quite well and I’m up and running which is great news. As I have no money I am having to do all this myself as I can’t go to a gym, so the motivation is purely on me and unfortunately it does mean that a lot of it will have to be done in and around the home, and I am sure that the change of scenery will actually be more motivating, but I think I’m doing a great job of it all so far.

I started doing basic yoga DVDs and working through those, and they were hard enough even though they were the lowest level, but I am really out of shape.

I’ve also really got into working on my diet. I think that’s the key thing really if I can tackle the food issues then the health and fitness will actually come easier. There is no point in me killing myself with exercise if I’m not doing the right thing with my diet and I know deep down that that is where the real issue lies. So I have been working hard to make sure that I am not eating rubbish as much and I’m sticking to the plan that I created.

I think the root of my emotional issues are around food and always have been. I think that the food I eat instantly makes me look bad, and I know it’s irrational because I do it even straight after eating when it can’t possibly have had an effect on my body. So it’s a psychological problem rather than a practical one, and I need to do some research into why I’m feeling the way I do. I get down and I want to eat more, is a vicious circle.

So the great news is now aware of all that and things are all like the moment. But I have to remain vigilant and I’m also looking at a dietary supplement still. Something that could suppress my hunger when I am really craving food would be a help, but I’m not sure about that yet I’m still looking into it.


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