This is the structure of my diet and exercise plan

I’ve been thinking long and hard over the past week or so about how I should structure my diet and exercise plan. By reading a lot online I have clarified my thoughts and I really want to take this seriously so it was important that I did that and that I have as much understanding as possible. I like to understand exactly what I’m doing when I make decisions so that I feel I made an informed one.

The first step is going to be to start walking every day. Then after a couple of weeks I will progress to jogging short distances as well, so I slowly build up the stamina that I lack over the next month really. That will then cover the cardio side of things.

I’m also going to do a yoga DVD twice per week, and look to move through that into more advanced yoga as it goes, so that will help with muscle and toning and discipline.

I’m also going to come up with a diet plan which will mostly eradicate poor carbohydrates and sugars from my diet and replace them with fresh vegetables and whole grains. This is going to be difficult to do because I have a very poor diet and a poor attitude towards food, but it’s going to be a case of going cold turkey I think and just doing it, which is why think it’s important that I have a plan to follow and don’t have the wrong sort of food in the house other than what I need for that.

I’ve also been looking at if I will benefit from a dietary supplement. I read some stuff online, including a phen 375 review and there does seem to be something in these products as having the potential to suppress hunger, and increase the metabolism. But I need to look into that more because I’m still not a hundred percent convinced, but even if they can reduce my food cravings then that will be a benefit.

It is the food cravings and hunger suppression that I am worried about, because I have been known to go off in search of food to point of going off to the shops in buying it just to eat on way home. Laptops are very unhealthy and so I really have to watch that.

So that’s the plan and in my next post update your my progress as I start it.


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