Finally making some progress with my weight loss

After the past couple of weeks I decided to really focus hard on my weight loss. Things have been okay at home and I’m feeling a bit more upbeat so I thought now was the time to actually make some progress and work hard. And it’s starting to pay dividends, my diet is getting much better and I am losing more weight.

I tried the dietary supplement I bought and it does seem to be helping with reducing my food cravings. Whether it is just because that’s in my mind when I take it or not I’m not sure, but it does seem to be helping me. I suppose as long as it’s not doing me any harm, then at the moment if it’s helping me emotionally then that’s a good thing.

I’ve really been working hard on my food intake and instead of big meals at times I’m working on eating more handfuls of nuts, such as almonds, because they fill you up and they also don’t put on weight with you in the way you would think with something with a high fat content, because apparently a lot of it doesn’t get digested, so you feel full and a lot of the energy still passes through your system.

So I’m feeling really upbeat and positive at the moment. I have to say that writing this blog has helped. Although I’m not writing a great deal, what is helping is the fact that I know I am accountable to it in a way. If I am planning to write and I know it’s a bad thing I have to write, it spurs me on to do better. So in some way writing this blog is helping me to make progress and it is an outlet for my thoughts and feelings. I really do recommend it to anyone who is trying to do significant weight loss, it certainly makes you feel less alone.

I may have to take a break for a week or so now, because I’m taking my daughter away on holiday to Disneyland Paris and I want to make sure that we have a great time and although I’m going to watch my weight, I will be obviously not making progress and so it’s a case of treading water and not going backwards. When I get back I will update this blog and start to plan for making more progress.


Even my computer printer hates me today

It’s been another bad day for me today and my weight loss target is slipping. I been overeating again and it’s definitely comfort eating in relation to stress, it’s something of noticed over my life and it seems to be getting worse as I lose weight, I suppose it is because I’m fighting food cravings anyway and now stress makes things worse more quickly.

What happened was the computer printer just wouldn’t print properly. It just keeps giving an error message and just wouldn’t do anything. I could not understand what the error message meant and when I googled it it was a bit inconclusive. I couldn’t find any paper jam and the print cartridges all seem to be in place fine. I have read something online about the print head breaking and that needs to be replaced if that’s the case, and that is almost as expensive as a new printer.

So I wasted nearly 3 hours messing around doing all that, and I still haven’t managed to print what I want. Printers aren’t expensive, but obviously I don’t want to keep buying consumer products if I can possibly avoid it, because it’s such a waste and so bad for the environment.

In other news, the dietary supplement I ordered when I was panicked about the mobile phone attack has arrived. I’m not going to try it yet, I’m going to look up a bit more about it online. It says it can reduce food cravings and is a natural fat burner, I’m not sure what that all means and I intend find out a bit more. But it is sitting there looking at me.

I haven’t lost much weight in the past week, just a pound. So basically my progress is static at the moment. But then even I’m exercising my good diet has slipped a bit, and that obviously needs to change if I’m going to make progress, it’s being made obvious to me that my battleground is around food and not actually being motivated to exercise. It’s something I’m going to have to really fight hard with, as it’s not just about me wanting three, it’s about me wanting to comfort eat and overcoming a problem I’ve had if I’m honest the most of my life.

I had my mobile phone stolen today

I had a bit of a setback today which has really upset me and made me eat for comfort this evening. I decided to write about it because this blog is not meant to just be about my progress but also about if I have setbacks in what I’m trying to achieve with my weight loss program.

I was walking down the road near my house, it’s a big main road, but it has a lot of side roads going off it and they are quite quiet and once you are off the main road you can disappear quite quickly. I was walking along looking at my phone when suddenly it was gone. I had looked up and saw a man walking towards me with his hood up, but thought nothing of it because it looked like it’s going to rain, and all of a sudden he’s grabbed it and he’s run off, before I can really do anything he’s up a side street and gone.

I was shaken and upset. I went home call the police and they took a statement, but they said there was very little chance of anything happening. I then went and notified my phone provider and got the phone blocked so that is not an issue. All my information is backed up to my Google account online so I’m not worried about that as such, but it’s just so shocking that it happened in broad daylight in what is not a bad area of the town.

But anyway, it worried and upset me. So much that I went home and I ate. And I felt guilty about eating so I went online and bought some phen375, which is one of the dietary supplements I had been looking at. It claims to suppress hunger and I panicked and bought some.

I have no idea if I will actually use it when it arrives, I really want to increase my metabolism and get my weight loss going the natural way, but it shows the state I was in and the decision-making process I had in my head.

So I’m ending this day very shaken and writing this to try and get it off my chest, so that hopefully tomorrow I will feel a bit better.

My first weight loss and exercise progress report

Things have started quite well and I’m up and running which is great news. As I have no money I am having to do all this myself as I can’t go to a gym, so the motivation is purely on me and unfortunately it does mean that a lot of it will have to be done in and around the home, and I am sure that the change of scenery will actually be more motivating, but I think I’m doing a great job of it all so far.

I started doing basic yoga DVDs and working through those, and they were hard enough even though they were the lowest level, but I am really out of shape.

I’ve also really got into working on my diet. I think that’s the key thing really if I can tackle the food issues then the health and fitness will actually come easier. There is no point in me killing myself with exercise if I’m not doing the right thing with my diet and I know deep down that that is where the real issue lies. So I have been working hard to make sure that I am not eating rubbish as much and I’m sticking to the plan that I created.

I think the root of my emotional issues are around food and always have been. I think that the food I eat instantly makes me look bad, and I know it’s irrational because I do it even straight after eating when it can’t possibly have had an effect on my body. So it’s a psychological problem rather than a practical one, and I need to do some research into why I’m feeling the way I do. I get down and I want to eat more, is a vicious circle.

So the great news is now aware of all that and things are all like the moment. But I have to remain vigilant and I’m also looking at a dietary supplement still. Something that could suppress my hunger when I am really craving food would be a help, but I’m not sure about that yet I’m still looking into it.

This is the structure of my diet and exercise plan

I’ve been thinking long and hard over the past week or so about how I should structure my diet and exercise plan. By reading a lot online I have clarified my thoughts and I really want to take this seriously so it was important that I did that and that I have as much understanding as possible. I like to understand exactly what I’m doing when I make decisions so that I feel I made an informed one.

The first step is going to be to start walking every day. Then after a couple of weeks I will progress to jogging short distances as well, so I slowly build up the stamina that I lack over the next month really. That will then cover the cardio side of things.

I’m also going to do a yoga DVD twice per week, and look to move through that into more advanced yoga as it goes, so that will help with muscle and toning and discipline.

I’m also going to come up with a diet plan which will mostly eradicate poor carbohydrates and sugars from my diet and replace them with fresh vegetables and whole grains. This is going to be difficult to do because I have a very poor diet and a poor attitude towards food, but it’s going to be a case of going cold turkey I think and just doing it, which is why think it’s important that I have a plan to follow and don’t have the wrong sort of food in the house other than what I need for that.

I’ve also been looking at if I will benefit from a dietary supplement. I read some stuff online, including a phen 375 review and there does seem to be something in these products as having the potential to suppress hunger, and increase the metabolism. But I need to look into that more because I’m still not a hundred percent convinced, but even if they can reduce my food cravings then that will be a benefit.

It is the food cravings and hunger suppression that I am worried about, because I have been known to go off in search of food to point of going off to the shops in buying it just to eat on way home. Laptops are very unhealthy and so I really have to watch that.

So that’s the plan and in my next post update your my progress as I start it.

Welcome to my weight loss and exercise journey blog

The main reason I am starting this blog is to chart my weight loss and exercise journey. A couple of people at work had done the same thing, and they said it was really good because it helped to hold themselves to account by blogging about their progress, and even if nobody was actually reading the blog, the fact that they were publishing what they were doing made them feel like they had more responsibility for the progress.

It also apparently focused their attention more on what they were doing and allowed them to evaluate their own feelings about everything and also to develop ideas on what they were going to do next.

So that’s the point of this blog and the main reason for me starting it. I’ll also talk about some of the reasons why I feel I do over eat and why my lifestyle has deteriorated quite a bit. I think it is mainly because I went through a messy divorce a couple of years ago and now am basically the full-time parent of two children and that plus working means I don’t get much time to focus on me. I think that this has got me down a bit, and I felt a bit lonely recently because it’s very difficult to meet people when you are a single parent and sustain things.

My children are lovely and I want to do the best for them. I think that I need to lose weight and be more active so that I inspire them to do the same. I don’t want them to think that being obese is acceptable or normal, and I don’t want them to develop bad eating and exercise habits because they see me doing them.

So that’s where I am right now. I’m aiming to update this blog every few days with my progress. In my first proper post I’m going to go through the plan I’m coming up with in my head to get this up and running properly so that it is a structured diet and exercise plan, that will burn fat and hopefully increase my metabolism and allow me to make more rapid progress as I go.